by Kid Valiant

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released July 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Kid Valiant Granger, Indiana

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Track Name: Hopeless
I've lost the will to move on with anything but hating myself.
I can't keep on going, I can't keep on living with this guilt.
Moving backwards, losing ground.
Sinking deeper every night I lay here wishing this was done.
Wishing I was gone.

I'm losing you, and you're losing me.
We're losing sleep.
I'm hopeless.

I'd dig a hole in to my chest; a void to compromise what you stole.
Track Name: Cut Short
19 years young. So much promise so much to live for, you had it all.
Who would have ever known everything would come crashing down around you.

Caught in the headlights. He didn't even see you, as he drove by.
And I still hear the sirens calling you home.
I hope that you sleep well tonight.

I'm sorry, it should have been me.
Track Name: Unrest
You wonder why I kept my distance on those lonely summer nights by the lakeside.
Everything seemed so fine.
Lost in a haze of what is real and what is fake. Always myself to blame.
Like make believe. A paradox between points "A" and "B".
I've been left hanging here holding on to every last word (you said).
A handful of promises I'll never keep.

A gust of wind fills my lungs.
With every breath I feel your heart beating close to mine.

This all may be for the worst, but I've never felt better.

The words you say will never carry the weight on your back as you clench your teeth.
With every step I take I know this is what I need.
Track Name: Loathe
Done. My head's undone. I haven't slept in weeks.
Everything I've kept inside. Memories I've tried to hide have overflowed my mind.

My eyes are burning, blood shot I'm hallucinating.
I'd tear them from my skull if it meant that I could sleep tonight.

I can't live with myself knowing what I've done. I just can't.

I don't care if you hate me (I hate myself too).
At least we can agree.

I'd rather end it all than feel the way I've felt for these past few weeks.
I'll just end it all.